Electrical Wiring Services

Electrical Wiring Services in the Hudson Valley

From powering your lights and appliances to keeping your entertainment system humming, reliable wiring is essential for modern living. However, like anything else in your home, electrical wiring can deteriorate over time. This can lead to a variety of issues, from flickering lights and tripped breakers to more serious problems like fire hazards.

Here at Beluga Heating Air & Electrical, we understand the importance of safe and up-to-date electrical wiring. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of electrical wiring services for homeowners throughout the Hudson Valley. Whether you need to add a few outlets for your new home theater setup or completely rewire your entire house, our team of fully trained and experienced electricians can handle the job efficiently and safely.

The Best Electrical Wiring Services in the Hudson Valley & Beyond

If you’re concerned about your home’s wiring for any reason or simply want to add new outlets and switches, our technicians are the ones to call! We can promptly resolve an array of electrical issues and get your electrical system operating effectively for years to come. Simply give us a call or reach out to us online, and we’ll deliver top-quality electrical wiring services in the Hudson Valley and the surrounding areas, including:

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  • Amawalk, NY
  • Millwood, NY
  • Brewster, NY
  • Holmes, NY
  • Armonk, NY
  • Mohegan Lake, NY
  • Carmel, NY
  • Hopewell Junction, NY
  • Baldwin Place, NY
  • Mount Kisco, NY
  • Lagrangeville, NY
  • Bedford, NY
  • North Salem, NY
  • Mahopac, NY
  • Bedford Hills, NY
  • Mahopac Falls, NY
  • Pawling, NY
  • Chappaqua, NY
  • Patterson, NY
  • Poughquag, NY
  • Cortlandt Manor, NY
  • Purchase, NY
  • Putnam Valley, NY
  • Stormville, NY
  • Crompond, NY
  • Purdys, NY
  • Wappingers Falls, NY
  • Cross River, NY
  • Shenorock, NY
  • Wingdale, NY
  • Croton Falls, NY
  • Goldens Bridge, NY
  • Granite Springs, NY
  • Shrub Oak, NY
  • Somers, NY
  • South Salem, NY
  • Jefferson Valley, NY
  • Katonah, NY
  • Yorktown Heights, NY
  • Lincolndale, NY
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Signs of Faulty Wiring

Your home’s electrical system is a complex network of wires that power all your appliances, lights, and electronics. But just like any other system, wiring can deteriorate over time, leading to a variety of issues. While some problems may be minor inconveniences, others can pose serious safety hazards. Make sure you schedule electrical wiring services with our team in the Hudson Valley if you notice any of the following problems:

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Flickering Lights

Flickering, blinking, or dimming lights can be caused by loose connections within a switch or outlet, overloaded circuits struggling to deliver enough power, or outdated wiring that’s simply not up to the demands of modern appliances. Our local electricians can get to the bottom of the problem and put a stop to the annoying light show.

Tripped Breakers

Your breaker panel distributes power throughout your house and contains breakers that act as safety switches. If a circuit becomes overloaded, the breaker will trip, cutting off power to that circuit and preventing overheating or damage. Frequent tripping of breakers is a clear sign that your electrical system is under strain and could be in need of an electrical panel upgrade or new wiring.

Warm Outlets or Switches

Electrical outlets and switches should never feel warm to the touch. If they do, this can be a strong indication that the wiring or connections within the outlet or switch are overheating. Don’t ignore this warning sign — immediately unplug any appliances from the affected outlet and contact a qualified electrical contractor to diagnose the problem.


Sparks coming from outlets or switches are a clear sign of a loose connection or damaged wiring. This wiring can easily ignite nearby flammable materials, so you must act quickly. If you see sparks coming from an outlet or switch, turn off the power to the circuit at the breaker panel and avoid using the outlet or switch altogether until a professional electrician can repair the problem.

Burning Smell

A burning odor emanating from your electrical system is a major red flag and requires immediate professional evaluation. This smell could be caused by overheating wires, overloaded circuits, or failing electrical components. Don’t hesitate to evacuate your home and call the fire department if the smell is strong or accompanied by smoke.

Outdated Wiring

If your home was built before the 1950s or between the 1960s and the early 1970s, it may have knob-and-tube wiring or aluminum wiring. While these wiring systems were once a popular choice due to their lower cost, the old wiring has a higher risk of overheating and having connection failures. To keep your home safe, you should have an electrical contractor replace the hazardous wiring with copper wiring.

Rewiring for Switches and Outlets

Modern homes require a sufficient number of outlets and switches to accommodate all our electronic devices and lighting needs. If your home has limited outlets or inconvenient switch placements, Beluga Heating Air & Electrical can help. Our electrical services include rewiring for:

  • Adding new outlets to accommodate additional appliances or electronics.
  • Upgrading outlets to GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) outlets for added safety, particularly in kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Installing dimmer switches for better lighting control.
  • Adding switches for added convenience in various rooms.
  • Installing smart switches and outlets.


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Wiring for Lighting Installations

Does your home feel dark and gloomy? Adding more lighting fixtures can significantly enhance your living space’s aesthetics and functionality. Our electrical installation team can handle all your lighting needs, including:

  • Wiring for recessed lighting to create a modern and sophisticated feel.
  • Installing outdoor lighting for improved security and curb appeal.
  • Adding accent lighting to highlight architectural features or artwork.
  • Wiring for chandeliers, pendants, and other decorative lighting fixtures.


Our electricians will work with you to choose the right type of lighting for your needs and ensure it’s wired safely and efficiently.

Wiring for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming increasingly popular. If you’re considering making the switch to an electric car, you’ll need a dedicated charging station at home. Our professionals in the Hudson Valley can provide expert electrical wiring services for installing a safe and efficient EV charging station. We will ensure your electrical system can handle the additional load and advise you on the best placement for your charging station, considering both functionality and aesthetics.

Whole-House Rewiring

In some cases, a complete rewiring of your house may be necessary. This could be due to outdated aluminum wiring, which can pose a fire hazard, or a significant renovation project that requires a major electrical overhaul. No matter your specific needs, we have the expertise and experience to handle whole-house rewiring projects of any size. Our team will work diligently to minimize disruption to your home and ensure the electrical work is completed safely and to code.

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Upgrade Your Electrical System With Our Wiring Services

At Beluga Heating Air & Electrical, we are committed to providing our Hudson Valley customers with quality electrical work that ensures the safety and functionality of their homes. Whether you need a minor repair, a new outlet installation, or a complete rewiring project, our team can handle it all.

Contact us today to schedule a service call with one of our electricians in Putnam County, Westchester County, or Dutchess County, NY. We can assess your electrical problems, discuss your needs, and provide you with an estimate for any wiring services you require.